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Different renewal date for Base and Super top-up health policies

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10 Feb, 2021 by  Chro mos

My wife and I have separate medical insurance policies that we purchased before getting married, and they have different renewal dates. I am planning to get a combined super top-up policy to add to our coverage, but the recent article on recommended not having separate dates for base policy and super top-up. What should I do in this scenario? Is there a way to change the renewal date for the base policy, or will I have to get separate super top-up policies for us?

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Health Insurance

2 Answer

11 Feb, 2021

Hello Chro mos,

If you are less than 40, young, and fit, then it's the right time to review and restructure your coverage. You should go ahead and take a floater policy shared between the two of you, and then buy a super topup over this policy.

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11 Feb, 2021
Chro mos
Taking a shared policy will require one of us to give up our existing policy and any benefits earned like no-claim bonus or mandatory waiting periods. Do you recommend doing that, to align the super topup to the same date as one of our policies?
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16 Feb, 2021

If you talk to some insurers, a few of them would be able to port one of the policies to a new floater policy (for you and your wife) with continuity benefits. This portability will give you credits for the waiting periods you have completed. You may have to however pay for the No Claim Bonus you have earned in one of the policies, as the bonus won't be ported without charges.

Yes, if you are planning to buy a Super Topup policy we would recommend you restructure your base policy for once so that there are smoother claims and lesser hassles in the long run.


Team Beshak

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