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Difficulty in picking time slot

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03 Feb, 2023 by  Ajay Aditya Chandramouli

I'm having some difficulty in picking suitable time slot for a consultation for my family. I initially input my family member's phone number and picked an insurance advisor. I didn't pick a time slot because I wanted to confirm with my family. When I refreshed the page and tried to input the same phone number, it says the number is already connected with an advisor though no time slot has been booked. Also, the available advisors are showing up only for today. There does not seem to be a way to see all available time slots of all advisors. Beshak's responses are very slow over WhatsApp. It's a bit frustrating. Could someone help?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

06 Feb, 2023
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Ajay,

We can see from our systems that you have already generated quotes with a particular advisor on the platform. This advisor is equipped to answer all your questions. Is there any particular reason you want to talk to another advisor?

If you still aren't happy and not finding a specific solution to your problem - you can write to with your detailed problem.

Team Beshak

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