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Disclosing therapy/counselling treatment for pyschological issues

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14 May, 2021 by  sanket pusalkar

Hi Team,

My question is related to disclosing the treatment/therapy/counselling one might be taking for some psychological issues.

For example, I have been seeing a therapist for some time now for help with tackling personal and work related issues.

I discussed with my therapist about my intention to purchase term insurance and about the proposal form requiring me to fill info about any psychological treatment I may be having.

Here's what my therapist had to say.

'My issues do not fall under any clinically defined/classified disorders e.g. Depression/ Anxiety disorder etc, there are a bit of anxiety and depression traits but nothing that is defined clinically.

And I am also not taking any medicines for these issues, hence it is ok if I do not disclose info about these therapy sessions since it may add aditional complexity while purchasing term plan'

I need guidance regarding this scenario, what is the best practice followed in this case?Under what circumstances are mental treatments needed to be reported.

Thanks and Regards.

Term Life Insurance

3 Answer

15 May, 2021

I think its not required for term plan if the therapist has already said that to you

However, I would recommend mentioning that while buying health insurance as going forward IRDA has made it clear that health insurance has to cover mental illnesses.

Giving additional info will not hurt ..


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15 May, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Sanket

It is advisable to declare all medical history including therapy .

As responsible person , you declare and let underwriter decide . If your doctor advise is right then underwriter would also weigh it accordingly .

It is better to fill proposal with all declared facts so that your family do not suffer in case of any eventuality .

You are a responsible person and love your family then buy insurance with full honesty .

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26 May, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Sanket,

Mental Illness is not a well-understood topic in India, even with Insurers. So you will have to be careful.

Here's what I would have done in your place:

You need to look at the exact questions asked in the proposal form. The test is are you omitting or are you providing inadequate information for any question asked.

For instance, if the insurance company is asking "Do you have any psychiatric illness" - then the answer can be a "No" - as you haven't been clinically diagnosed with any psychiatric illness? If the final treatment for your condition is only behavioral, or change in approach towards life and its events without any treatment or medicines - then it cannot be considered as an illness illness.

Say I have an ache in my neck, and I go to a doctor who recommends reduced usage of mobile phones or laptops, which subsides my pain and I don't see the need for any treatment going forward - This is a pure lifestyle, behavior change and cannot be considered as a disease, or health condition whatsoever. I don't need to mention this neck ache in my proposal form.

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