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Do I need a personal health insurance cover?

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29 Aug, 2020 by Bhaskar Choudhary

I am 29 years old and single working in a Nationalised Bank, do I need to buy a separate Health Insurance for myself?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

30 Aug, 2020
Mahavir Chopra

Do you need someone else to control the quality of healthcare you get?

What if tomorrow your organization says they will pay for your clothes, or your mobile phone - will you wear clothes of their choice?

1) Healthcare is as personal as your clothes or your smartphone. You shouldn't depend on them. If I am the CFO of your bank, I will be less concerned about your healthcare needs and more about the company's budgets.

2) Apart from this, having a personal health insurance helps when you are in between jobs, or work in a startup that doesn't yet provide a cover.

3) Lastly, you should buy a health insurance for your 50s and you should buy it when you are young, so that there are lesser restrictions/limits and better coverage.

Hope this helps!

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