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Do I need to cover my parents in a seperate health insurance given below scenario

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21 Jan, 2024 by  Raja Gopalan

My father is 62 and mother is 53. Das is retired railway employee. He is eligible for medical access (including OPD, hospitalization, day care and what not at free of cost.). So is my mother. Railway hospitals are not just another government running health centre. They are excellent in what they do. Have experienced it quite a lot of times before. All medicines are free. Just that only the previlage of opting room is not applicable.

Apart from this I'm covering them in a retail policy. coverage is for 5L (family floater) and holding the policy since 2021. All waiting period is over and PED will be covered now.

Am not sure did I disclose the previous health history to the insurer while purchasing the policy.

My father underwent cataract surgery in 2021 and to my knowledge they both underwear permanent contraception and vasectomy when I was very young..

I do not have any medical documents, neither they have. I did not disclose this to the insurer infact I don't remember.

Should I continue with the policy as after the moratorium period of 7 years everything will be covered irrespective of disclosure/non disclosure or to exit the policy and have only Railway Health Insurance.


1 Answer

20 Feb, 2024

Hello Raja,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Firstly, the moratorium period is actually 8 years, not 7 years. Coming to your query, ideally, you should inform the insurer about all medical details. However, this could have repercussions such as the insurer canceling the policy. If you choose not to disclose and let things remain as they are, you have the benefit of coverage after the moratorium period, and in case of any issues during a claim, you still have your railway health cover. This approach is better than canceling the retail policy, in my opinion.

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