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Does a disease 4 years ago comes under PED?

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30 Jul, 2021 by  Kavi Verma

Hi, I am planning to take a health insurance from HDFC.

I got diagnosed with Tuberculosis in December 2016 and treatment / medication went on for 6 months.

My question is

1) Does it come under PED?

2) Do I need to disclose it under PED?

According to the definition of PED,

First let us be clear what a pre-existing disease is. Any serious medical condition, ailment or injury for which you had signs or symptoms or diagnosis or treatment within 48 months prior to the day you are applying for the medical insurance policy, is considered as a pre-existing disease.

from HDFC ergo site

Health Insurance

1 Answer

31 Jul, 2021

Answers to your questions :

1) If you son’t have any symptoms again in last 4 years and it is completely cured then it should not be considered under PED (Pre-Existing disease). However, if it has reoccured then it will come undef PED.

2) If you are buying a policy unassisted then you may declare it or not declare basis on answer of 1.

Personal suggestion: If you have opted an insurer then try to buy via assisted sales route they will call you and tell them the truth.



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