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Does it matter if top-up / super top-up health insurance is bought from a different company?

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16 Nov, 2020 by Bhumil Haria

What are implications of buying top-up / super top-up health insurance from a different company than the one providing the base health insurance policy?

This tweet suggests that it is beneficial to have the same company for both:

However, when looking for policies, the options reduce greatly if looking for super top-up insurance from the same company (because it seems not everyone provides them). Which is the reason for the question - are there practical issues in having a different company?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

18 Nov, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Bhumil,

apart from the inconvenience of managing two insurers at the time of renewals and claims, there is nothing to worry about when you buy your Super Top-up policy from a different insurance company. Having both the policies from the same insurer can be an advantage at the time of claims - especially cashless.

While we are at it, here are some other points you should consider before buying a Super Top-up:

  1. Ensure your Super Top-up deductible is equal to your base sum insured (excluding any bonus)
  2. Check for any financial limitations in the policy - like a room rent limit or limits on surgery/treatments. Try to avoid such policies.


Team Beshak.

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