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Ease of Claim Process

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25 Nov, 2020 by Vinod N


I am planning to buy a Family Floater Health Insurance for my family. However, my biggest requirement is that the insurance provider should assist my family members during the claim process since I do not want my family members to go through all the hassles in case something happens to me. Are there any companies who ensure that all the claim settlement processes are taken care in case of claim process? Have heard about CoverFox, Sureclaim. Do they charge any additional fee for that, and if yes, how much?

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Health Insurance

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27 Nov, 2020
Mahavir Chopra

Hello Vinod,

There are two types of players that can offer you claim services, after you have bought the policy:

  1. Companies like Sureclaim - they are specialists in handling health insurance claims, not sure if they manage term life claims though. However you must note, you will have to coordinate with such specialists over phone and by sending documents through courier. In case you are interested you can contact them by writing to
  2. Local Insurance Agent - Many seasoned insurance agents will manage all your claims - right from health insurance to life insurance. Here you will get local door step service and handholding. You need to look for agents in your locality who have a track record of providing claims services to their clients.

Online Aggregators are not focused on claims services, and hence may not have the best resources to manage your claim .

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08 Feb, 2021
Shubham Kumar
So, we should prefer buying health insurance from a local insurance agent as compared to an online health insurance broking firm? Also, what incentives does a local insurance agent has to help us?
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