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02 Apr, 2023 by  Hellfire

Hi everyone,

I had purchased iCAN cancer insurance before 5days from HDFC ergo , 27 male here , no PED, for 2700₹ for SA 50L₹ .

During application, it was asked family history, I mentioned YES for family history of cancer, later on proposal form received on email, it is shown correctly that family history as YES,

Later next day I got query email , that specify no. Of members in family with cancer, link provided on email redirected to Hdfc ergo website , where I mention number of member As 1 with brief details of cancer and attached the supporting documents even when it was not asked , just because I wanted NO problems later . After 1 day , I received the policy accepted message.

When I checked the policy , it has no mention of history of family , or any other history option .

i have policy proposal which I mentioned Yes to family history , I also submitted required details on website , but I have no proof of that as it was totally online website process.

My question is how can I know , that they have received all correct information and acknowledged the details I provided , and how to get that proof of acknowledgment ?

Any other option for proof as sending email ? Please guide .

Health Insurance

1 Answer

03 Apr, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Fire

Policy documentation self pre existing diseases and have no provision to mention family history. You can send an email and take confirmation.

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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