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Health Insurance for person with history of Epilepsy

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10 Oct, 2020 by Ash


I am 44 yr old. I had epilepsy/convulsions 6 yrs ago. However, I neither had a history before nor had any similar problem thereafter. I am fit with no medication, BP or diabetics etc. since then.

While I applied to purchase health insurance last year, insurance company denied my proposal. With recent new changes in health insurance policies, will I be eligible to purchase family floater plan policy? If yes, which company and plan would you recommend? Please advise.

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1 Answer

12 Oct, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Ash,

Specifically for people with history of epilepsy - insurers have now been allowed to insert a permanent exclusion in the policy (for epilepsy) and provide them a health insurance cover for all other diseases.

However its important to note that these guidelines do not define how an insurer selects or declines a specific proposal (called underwriting) - that call remains with the insurance company. Insurers can still decide to decline your proposal.

We recommend you restart your dialogue with multiple insurance companies (including government insurers) to find out if this new guideline will improve your chances of getting a cover, with or without a permanent exclusion.

We feel given that you have not had an episode for a good 6 years - there are good chances for you to get a cover.

Do keep us posted here. It would help others to learn from your experience.


Team Beshak.

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