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even health insurance

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24 Jan, 2023 by  Lavesh Dixit


Any idea on Even health insurance in its latest avatar? They said that now they have launched pan India health insurance.

Has anyone tried it, what is your feedback.



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Health Insurance

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They are famous for their opd plans, certainly its a good offering if you are interested in availing opd benefits for your health however do realise that the cost vs utility needs to be justified, at the price point that they offer just their opd packages - I don't think that families will avail the opd benefits fully (compared to the price they pay annually to acquire these benefits) especially cos the package costs are pretty high unless there's someone who has a chronic ailment & is prone to repeated Dr visits.

They offer their health insurance through digit insurance, which is a new-age company, Even as a company in itself is new and trying to establish a new position in wellness space, so long term success is anybodies guess, but yes their opd benefits plan is surely a differentiator if someone wants to just have that.

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