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20 Mar, 2023 by  Manohar .M


Does anyone have any information of this insurance? On paper it is very good but I can't see what is actually missing in it. Anyone purchased and availed their services? I was thinking to take a health insurance for my mother and myself. It costs me around 20k for both people , OPD+ IPD and insurance of 15 L each. I would really appreciate, if someone can share their reviews on it.

Thanks in advance,


Health Insurance

1 Answer

24 Mar, 2023

Hello Manohar,

I don't really have much knowledge on this specific product offered by Even, but I'll still try answering. As far as I know, Even Health is a packaged healthcare product that includes Group Insurance covers. Group insurance covers, although cheap and easy to buy in the short term, are not suitable for long-term financial planning. Below are a few reasons:

  1. Group plans are one-year covers - the terms change every year, including pricing. 
  2. Fine prints, terms can change, and price can change - but what if I tell you that the cover can be withdrawn? Yes! Group covers are negotiated between the group owner (Even) and the insurer - every year. Insurers have in the past too withdrawn from group policies due to bad claims experience.

Why don't you get in touch with with of our experienced financial advisors and discuss this in detail? It's absolutely free of cost. I'll share the link with you below for your ready reference -

Hope this helps!


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