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Existing HDFC Ergo Optima Restore plan and what Super topup to go with it?

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22 Apr, 2023 by  Neil Montes

I have a Optima Restore Floater for the last 10 years, with 10 lakhs coverage and 10 laks benefit over it. I Am 43 years old with no pre existing diseases and wife 37 yrs old. and a 10 yr old child.

Now i am thinking that when i m older i may need more coverage. So i have to make a decision.

Decision 1: Increase 10 lakh coverage to 20 lakh coverage with HDFC Ergo and then get a supertop from Care Enhance Supertop- plan 2 with 20 lakh deductible and 50 lakh coverage


Decision 2: Keep 10 lakh coverage with HDFC Ergo and then get a NIVA BUPA (MAX BUPA) Health Recharge Super Top-up with 10 lakh deductible and 50 lakh insured amount

Cannot decide which should be the right step up


My earlier option of doing this with HDFC ergo - HDFC Ergo myHealth Medisure Super Top-up is a challenge because the deductibles are super low at 5 l;akh and coverage is only 20 lakh in that.

Any recommendations>

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1 Answer

07 May, 2023

Hello Neil,

I would highly recommend you get in touch with one of our financial advisors and discuss your case in-depth. They would be able to help you take a decision. Here's the link for your ready reference -


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