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Family floater health insurance

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12 Oct, 2022 by  Anirban Banerjee

Hello members,

Need a suggestion for the planning to buy a new family floater health insurance.

We are the family members of 5.

Me-34, spouse -29, daughter -1.5, father -62, mother -55.

At the moment i have 1 individual health insurance (from HDFC ergo paid by myself) and 1 health insurance for parents (HDFC ergo paid by parents).

Is it better to go for a family floater plan where 5 person will come under one insurance plan? or should I take 2 different policies one for 3, another for parents. Please suggest me the best policy if you advise for family floater, sum assured i would like to opt 10-15 lakh for family floater. Thank you


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12 Oct, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Mr Banerjee,

Given the limited information above it is best to take two separate policies.

One for your parents and the other for your family.

Health insurance is more than just understanding weather two policies or three policies need to be taken. My request to you would be to get a comprehensive TruMatch Report from Beshak that will have plan recommendations basis your health history etc. Apart from the report you will also be able to get service from a professional advisor.


Rohit Dhingra

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