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Family health policy rejected due to accident history, what to do?

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11 Apr, 2022 by  Ashok


I have a corporate cover for my family + parents for 10 lakhs. However, I want to take individual cover form outside to protect for future. My brother too has parents in his corporate cover for 15 laks.

I am facing problems in getting cover and need your advise,

#1. My wife (33) met with an accident in 1994 and she suffered head injury. I mentioned it in Pre-existing illness question, so my family floater policy was rejected by both ICICI Lombard and Acko (Arokya sanjeevani). I searched through forums and was told to approach through broker to get individual cover for my wife. But they too said it depends on underwriters. What is the best way forward?

#2. My father (71) has Parkinson's disease for past 15 years. I have shortlisted HDFC Ergo my health suraksha and Aditya Birla Active Health platinum policy, but I am not sure if they will agree for the policy. Are they good? what is the ideal cover for it?

I saw in the forum article on getting bank group insurance policy as one of the suggested option. If so, I have an option for Tata AIG or Aditya Birla group policy through Axis bank. Is that a good one?

#3. I finalized individual cover for my Mother (63), with 5 lakh base policy (My health suraksha) + 20 laks super top-up (Medisure) from HDFC Ergo. What is your suggestion on it ?

#4. For myself (40 years) and kids (8yrs, 4 yrs), I decided on 10 lakh base policy from either Hdfc ergo optima secure or Aditya Birla and a 20 lak super top-up from same company. Is that a ideal cover ?

Looking forward to experts valuable suggestions.


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2 Answer

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The situation seems complex, a better evaluation and recommendation can be offered if you choose to book a call with a advisor.

You may simply do so by clicking on the link next to my name.

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Dear Ashok,

I had gone through your question

Need clarification with regards to following:

1. Accident injury details and present treatment

2.For father you can try bank group insurance

Parkinson disease we don't have much options.

It's considered as Critical illness

3. Suggestion is to keep top-up and base policy in same company for hassle free claims

4. There are other options available in market for mother and your family

Schedule a free call with me will guide and be with you and your family when you are in need of using health insurance.

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