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Feedback on social media for top insurers

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11 Apr, 2021 by  Desdemona Underwood


Kudos for the yeoman service you're doing.

Alright, I have shortlisted a couple of plans /insurers based on my needs e.g. Max BUPA, but when I checked on social media e.g. twitter, there were horror stories about their claim settlement process and general customer service.

So, what does one do? Is it par for the course that this being India, any and every company can take its customers for a ride?

Should I pick one of the safer insurers e.g. New India Assurance even though their policies have limitations, but at least their customer service etc will be better?

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1 Answer

12 Apr, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hey Desdemona,

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Your question is very valid - unfortunately there is no way one can figure any insurance company's service experience today.

We have initiated something that will evolve over time for Term Insurance - Beshak Star Ratings to meet your expectations, help you choose brands that offer good service experience.

Our recommendation to you would be to look for an advisor locally who is ready to take ownership for the claims experience - someone who is committed full time to being a financial planner, and has a track record of handholding customers during claims - taking care of their paper work, running around for claims processing. This would be ideal.

Once you find such an advisor, choose a plan along with him. S/he should be able to add tremendous value based on experience to help you choose a plan.


Team Beshak!

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