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Group Health Insurance by Kuvera Mutual Funds

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27 Jul, 2022 by  Dipak R Gandhi


I have come across the news about the Group Health Insurance by Kuvera Mutual Funds for its investors.

Can someone enlighten me about the credibility of this Kuvera Group Health Insurance. It's premium is very attractive - just over Rs.10,000 for a 50 lac Family Floater cover.

At present I have not invested in Kuvera's Mutual Funds. Can you also enlighten me about what is the minimum amount that I need to invest in Kuvera Mutual Funds to be eligible for its Group Health Insurance Service? I am not in a postion to invest any amount more than paltry sum.

Any early reply will help me a lot - as my renewal date is only 2 days away.

Thanking you

Dipak R Gandhi

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

30 Jul, 2022
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It will be good if you can review the policy wordings, about the coverage/sub limits/ other T&C and invest

Also, if you are unable to afford premiums, i will suggest you understand how EMIs with health insurance companies work

Also, lot of discounts are available on renewal

Will suggest you to get an adequate cover for a healthy financial life

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30 Jul, 2022
Dipak R Gandhi
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