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Group Health insurance - Kuvera

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08 Aug, 2022 by  James Langpoklakpam

Last september 2021 I had taken the

family floater health insurance from the Kuvera app as I am an invester using the app for mutual funds. Now, based on what I have read in internet and YouTube videos, it is suggested that I port to from this insurance to others where I am the main policy holders. Therefore, any advice on how to port?

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Health Insurance

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09 Aug, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear James,

A group insurance policy in general does not get ported. In one-two instances I recall getting acceptance to portability that were issued by Bank. Therefore you should not bank on portability.

Below are scenarios for you to consider

1) Move or Migrate your group policy to retail policy from the existing insurer. Please note Kuvera is only a platform and not the insurer.

2) Buy a Fresh Policy

Beshak platform has some elite advisors with whom you may fix a call in case you wish to buy a fresh policy. They will offer you guidance on selecting a plan and as well as render support as as when required.


Rohit Dhingra

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