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Guaranteed Bonus after portability of health insurance?

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28 Apr, 2022 by  jignesh

Hello there,

Lets assume, I have a base policy with 5L & it offers 20% guaranteed bonus. Say after 2 years, I am porting to a new policy with 5L base, which offers 50% bonus of SI for a claim free year & in case a claim is made it reduces by 50%.

1) In case, I made a claim in the 1st year itself, So 50% of SI will reduced making it (7L - 2.5L)

Is my understanding correct?

2) In case if claim amount turns out to be 7L, so I have exhausted (SI + NCB) how it will get reduced by 50%, is it from restore amount & what if plan do not have any restore feature?

3) Any other scenario which I must be aware of during portability w.r.t. NCB?

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Jignesh jee, If you are porting for 5 lacs sum insured, then your NCB will not be carried forward.

5 lacs will be ported at 5 lacs only after 2 claim free years also.

After porting to new company, NCB will be given at 5 lacs , it will become 7.50 lacs and 10 lacs in next 2 claim free years.

If there is a claim in subsequent year, it will be reduced by 2.50 lacs.

If claim amount is higher than base sum assured and restore has been triggered, then you can use base + restore as per policy terms and conditions.

Hope this clarifies.


Gurleen Kaur Tikku


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