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HDFC Ergo - Covid home isolation claim not covered post 30/09/20.

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05 Oct, 2020 by  nikunj chhag

I have HDFC Ergo health suraksha policy (Rs 5 L, individual) and I am tested +ve for Covid-19 yesterday. As I dont have any major symptoms, I am advised for home isolation and getting treated by my family physician. I inquired to the insurer to admit such claim but they said Home Isolation amendment was until 30/09/20. Isn't this bad as now so many new cases are there everyday and we really dont have that much medical infra to tackle!!


Thankfully, I am also covered through my employers group mediclaim (Bajaj Allianze) and they will pass upto 20k claim amount. I also bought Reliance GIC Covid policy (bought in May20, after reading Mahavir sir thread on Twitter) which will pay Rs 1 Lac flat upfront so I am safe. Experts comment. (P.S. - I am also IRDA qualified agent.)

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1 Answer

05 Oct, 2020
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Nikunj,

Hope you are doing fine and wish you speedy recovery.

Since you are an agent yourself, I can take the pleasure of being a bit technical.

Indemnity policy such as HDFC Ergo Suraksha are expected to pay for hospitalization. It is not fair to expect it to pay for diagnosis of an ailment or pay for home isolation.

IRDA made a timely intervention by introducing Covid Kavach policy that not only pay for admission but also for treatment taken at home on doctor's advice for Covid. With such low premiums, short duration options and wait period of just 15 days, people who never had insurance have a chance to cover themselves for every fair treatment expense of Covid. I am sure you would have sold several Kavach policies and protected several customers.

Let me know if you have any further queries.

Anuj Jindal



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