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HDFC Ergo Optima Secure or HDFC Ergo Optima Restore

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07 Sep, 2022 by  Digi

Hi Team,

My parents are buying health insurance for them. I know it's to late they should've bought earlier.

Their age is 59 and 49. They are thinking of buying for 5L base policy and super top-up of 5L or 10L.

I searched for the plans and shortlisted two of them,

1) HDFC Ergo Optima Secure

2) HDFC Ergo Optima Restore

But I am really confused which one should I go for. If you could help it will be really helpful.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

08 Sep, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Both plan are good as they do not offer any cap or sub limit on any disease. Optima Secure is a new plan which offers additional benefits that Optima Restore does not like Hospitalisation @ Home, AYUSH, Cost of Consumables. It also offer Double the Sum Insured from Day 1. Optima Secure has a limit on Type of Room that one can opt for i.e. Upto Single Pvt AC Room, incase of Optima Restore there is no restriction on type of room.

Frankly it will be difficult for me to suggest a plan out of the two unless I am aware of past medical history, current health condition, city where they stay, what kind of premiums you are looking for etc.

It will be best if you could schedule a call with any of the advisors and have a 1-2-1 call.

Hope this was of help to you


Rohit Dhingra

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