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HDFC ergo or Aditya birla

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14 Sep, 2023 by  Nandagiri Pradeep

I have a HDFC ergo health suraksha family policy .. I haven't claimed for last three yrs, now they are advising me to upgrade my policy to optima secure but I think it is expensive and if upgrade will I lose my noclaim bonus .. and Aditya birla people confusing me with their plans .I don't understand wat to do

Pls suggest me one gud policy


1 Answer

15 Sep, 2023

Hello Nandagiri,

I understand that you're facing difficulty deciding between upgrading your HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Plan to Optima Secure and exploring options from Aditya Birla. This can indeed be confusing, and it's important to make an informed choice. 

Firstly, I'd like to inform you that no claim bonus under health insurance plans is transferable - this means that the bonus accumulated under a particular policy can be transferred to a new policy if you wish to switch to a new health plan or a new insurer. So, upgrading to a different plan doesn't necessarily mean you will lose your accumulated no claim bonus.

Secondly, to navigate through these options and make the best decision for your health insurance needs, I recommend connecting with one of our expert advisors for personalized guidance in making this decision. They have the expertise to help you navigate the available options and provide recommendations that align with your specific needs and budget. Through our free 1-to-1 personal consultation service, you can select an expert advisor who suits your preferences and discuss your requirements with them. They will provide valuable insights to help you make the best decision regarding your health insurance coverage. This service is completely unbiased and powered by Beshak Research. Here's the link for your ready reference:

I hope this helps! Thank you!

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