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HDFC Health Suraksha Silver plan

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14 Jun, 2023 by  Bajrang Bhura

Hi, I have taken health suraksha silver plan for my mother. aged 62 years. SI : 4 lakhs. NCB : 1.25 lakhs. Location Gurgaon. Policy is continue since 2018. At the time of purchase the premium was 14000/- . Now for the 5th renewal, it has increased to 34000/-.

Claim taken once for neck pain. No surgery. Doctor had put traction for 7 days. Currently taking BP medicine also. No other medicines or treatment. Do I have any option for porting this policy without any copayment.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Jul, 2023

Hello Bajrang,

Premiums of health insurance policies have increased significantly recently and will keep on increasing in the coming years! Considering your mother's pre existing conditions, it would be difficult for you to port your policy but still you can try. I think you should get in touch with our experienced financial advisors. They will help you take a sound decision. Sharing the link of the same below for you to connect and discuss your case.


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