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HDFC Life : Delaying claims. What can we do?

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26 Aug, 2021 by  Rohit Singhal

My friend lost his brother (aged in late 20’s) in Dec 2019. They filed the term insurance claim during Feb last year. Despite submitting over 30+ documents (Aadhar, pan, passport, visa, bank statements, FIR, postmortem report, other medical reports, inquest papers, government hospital certifying cause of death and what not), numerous follow-ups and branch visits, investigation by their officer they are still waiting for the claim amount after almost 1.5 years.

The painful journey:

Feb 20: Filed Claim and submitted documents

~Apr 20: Investigation officer visited as it is an early claim and collected numerous documents/pics  (from bank st to visa copy to Police report, from family photo to shop photo)

~May 20: Claim suspended asking for cause of death document.

~Jan 21: Mailed police stamped copy of government hospital report certifying cause of death. HDFC life demanded them to visit branch to submit the same document (Really – my inner voice)..   

After numerous follow-ups,

~End Mar 21: Query demanded documents which were submitted to investigation officer in 2020 and FAMILY PHOTO (Really).

~Apr 21: Mailed and submitted the demanded documents.

After numerous follow-ups,

~May 21 : Claim suspension letter demanding for inquest papers.

~July 21 : Submitted inquest paper.

And Here comes their latest demand:

Aug 21: Policy and claim details of policy they have with ICICI Lombard (bank statement specifying payment to ICICI Lombard). AGAIN Really, ICICI Lombard policy – a GI company policy – what is the relevance.

In my view, it seems HDFC Life just delaying the claim by raising irrelevant and unreasonable demands.

Dear community can you please suggest:  Is complaining to IRDAI the only option for such claimants? Are these demands reasonable? Can claimant demand interest payments due to these delays?  

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2 Answer

27 Aug, 2021
Rohit Singhal

Some more details: Policy #21048728

1. Policy was under 3 years when claim was filed in Deb 2020.

 2. Cause of death: Dissecting aneurysm - root of aorta (Natural Cause)

3. Lombard policy was a motor insurance policy. (Bank statement reflecting the policy payment)

4. Mailed complaint to GRO of HDFC Life at end of May. Around mid- June they asked to submit inquest papers to make decision. Mid-July submitted inquest paper and now they asking for Lombard policy (Motor policy) details.

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27 Aug, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Rohit

Yes , such demands sre unreasonable .

Insurance company investigate all cases where claim happens within 3 year . They also tend to deny claim as they have section 45 in their favour .

But it is their duty to take s decision and inform within 30 dsys else they are liable to pay interest on claim amount.

You can always take pur help for guidance in this case .

Plesse visit pur website


Insurance Samadhan

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