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HDFC Optima secure with 25K deductible

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09 Oct, 2022 by  Antony

I am in the process of purchasing a health insurance policy. I have the following queries. It would be helpful if someone could clarify.

1.Optima secure is offering very low premiums if we select 25K deductible per year ie 25% reduction in premium. It seems to be a good option. For 20L base cover, the savings is almost 6K. Is it a sensible thing to opt for this cover?

2.In a floater plan taken on individual basis, will 25K deductible apply to all individuals separately eg: if my wife and i are covered, do we both have to bear 25K deduction each?

3.I also tried to find list of day care treatments covered, but its not specified in their policy wordings? Do they cover dialysis, chemotherapy and diabetes? Will they pay for medications required for diabetes as it is a life long disease?

4. If i take a floater policy now, will it be possible to split the policy into individual basis? what are the implications of doing that?

5.If i go for floater policy with 25K deduction, will it be difficult to find an equivalent policy if i want to port the policy to a different insurer?

Thank you

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14 Oct, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Antony

I hope the below answers will be of help to you

1) I will not be able to comment much weather is this a best plan or not since you are doing your own research you will be the best judge. Incase you need help from Advisors on Beshak it would be best to schedule a call with them.

2) 25K deductible will be on floater basis

3) All day care procedure are covered in the plan. Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Dialysis etc are also covered subject to waiting periods specified in the policy. Medications for diabetes are not covered as it is considered as OPD expense.

4) Yes a floater plan can be converted to an individual plan. It can happen only at time of renewal and shall be subject to underwriting approval basis health conditions declared. A fresh health declaration will have to be submitted to the insurer

5) Well currently there are not many plans with deductible as low as Optima Secure,which ever plan you move to you will have to accept benefits & features of the new plan. I don't see a challenge with this.


Rohit Dhingra

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