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Health insurance complimenting Life insurance

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11 Feb, 2021 by  Harkirat Singh

Hi Team,

Is there any health insurance company/policy which compliments life insurance. Means, buying medical insurance give advantage/disadvantage to life insurance?

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Term Life Insurance
Health Insurance

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15 Feb, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Harikirat,

There are combo products available where you can buy Term Life and Health Insurance together in one go, as one policy - and save on premiums as well as avoiding duplication of medical tests when applying for both. Apart from this, we are not aware of any such benefit, advantage, or disadvantage that one can get in life insurance, by buying a health insurance policy. We doubt if any such linked benefit even exists. In case you come across anything like this - do update this thread,

Thank you.


Team Beshak

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