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Health insurance coverage for a 39 year old

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28 Nov, 2020 by Arun Shenoy

I'm 39 years old. What's the cover I should go for under health insurance

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

30 Nov, 2020
Team Beshak

Hello Arun,

  • Given the current double digit inflation in hospital bills, in our view, you should have a cover of at least 25 Lakhs by the age of 35 years. Since you have already crossed 35, you must buy this cover as soon as possible.
  • Upgrades can be tricky once you have an illness, hence do not depend on upgrading covers at a later age
  • Ensure there are no financial limits on surgeries/treatments and room rent in your policy.
  • Ensure you make detailed declarations regarding your health when buying the policy.

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