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Health Insurance for 65 year old diabetic father

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28 Nov, 2020 by  M G


My father has an old health insurance policy from United India with coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs. He is 65 years of age and diabetic. We pay a premium of Rs. 15,859 per year.

I would like to increase his coverage and our agent says the only option we have (since he became diabetic after getting into the current policy) is to opt for a completely new like HDFC Ergo (Apollo Munich earlier) Energy plan. The premium comes to Rs. 50,000+ for 10 lakhs coverage and will increase to Rs. 70,000+ from 66 and onwards.

Do you think this is a good idea?


1 Answer

30 Nov, 2020
We breathe insurance :)

Hello M G,

  1. First things first, please hold on to this United policy - since your father was diagnosed after the policy was issued, he has a full cover (without any waiting periods) for all treatments connected with Pre-existing diseases.
  2. Please be aware that your health insurance with United India may have room rent limits (of around 1% - Rs. 5000 per day) which can be an issue in the long run and can result in significant deductions (see proportionate deductions in this article) in the near future.
  3. You need an upgrade for sure.
  4. You should be persistent - try insisting with the agent or contacting the insurance company directly and apply for an upgrade over the current cover - that will be a convenient option. They may allow step by step increase to the next available sum insured - that's fine too, please go ahead with it.
  5. In case you are aren't able to upgrade your current plan, then with respect to Diabetes related plans - you can evaluate and compare Star Health, Aditya Birla & Care Health Insurance's Diabetes plans too before taking a decision.

Hope this helps.

Team Beshak

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03 Dec, 2020
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