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Health insurance for a 30 year old couple

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01 Apr, 2021 by  Vinay

We are a 30 year old couple. I have a floater police of 10 lacs with reload of 100% sum assured. Is it sufficient or I should go with a top up policy? If yes now or renewal date in December? Please guide

Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Apr, 2021
Chartered Accountant, Personal Finance Advisor

Dear Vinay,

Considering you are still in 30s it is advisable to increase your cover to higher amount. If budget is a concern it is advisable to take a super top up floater cover with 10 Lacs Deductible. Go for highest cover as your base cover is 10 lacs, the premiums would be relatively lower for 10 lacs deductible cover.

With regard to your concern as to whether take a top up cover now or later it is advisable to have the top up cover on the same day as your base policy as the insurance companies consider claims per policy year. Hence you can take policy in December just about the time when your base policy is due for renewal. One more important factor to consider is buying the top up cover from the same insurer as the one with whom as you have your base policy.

In case you still have any further questions you can post here..

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