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Health Insurance for my father with these PEDs - Diabetes, Hypertension and carotid artery stenting

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12 Aug, 2023 by  Neeraj Lakkapragada

My father is 55 years old. He has had diabetes and high BP for more than a decade now. He recently had a minor brain stroke and had to undergo carotid artery stenting (they put a stent in the artery that supplies blood to the brain, in his neck region).

He's a railway employee with access to railway insurance. But the process is hectic and there are only a few network hospitals. I don't prefer this.

He is also covered under my corporate insurance of 5L from ICICI lombard. I used this for his stenting, and the process was smooth.

I'm looking to buy health insurance for him. Looking for an SI > 10L and low waiting period for PEDs.

Please suggest a few policies for him,

Health Insurance

1 Answer

13 Aug, 2023

Hello Neeraj,

There are many health insurance plans available today that apply a shorter waiting period on PEDs that you've mentioned. We've discussed these plans in this article here:

You should also check out our free 1-to-1 personal consultation service. With this service, you can speak to an advisor of your choice who'll help you zero down on a plan that suits your father's needs the best. This service is 100% unbiased and entirely powered by Beshak Research. Sharing the link below for your ready reference-

Thank you!

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