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Health insurance for my mom who is suffering from Heart ailments.

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08 May, 2023 by  Sattapriyo Rudra


Recently, I applied for Care Heart Insurance plan for my 53 years old mother who is suffering from the following ailments:-

  1. Hypothyroidism since 2008/2009 (approx)
  2. Hypertension since 2008/2009 (approx)
  3. Minor Coronary Artery Disease with slow flow diagnosed on 2018 by Coronary Angiogram test.
  4. Dyslipedimia diagnosed on 2018.

But, while assessment, the assessment team of Care Insurance mailed me by saying that they intend to permanently exclude Coronary Artery disease coverage from my mother's plan.

So now I am in a dilema of what to do next, If I choose a health plan for my mom she wont be covered for Coronary artery disease which is a must for me.

It will be very kindful to me if anyone from this forum guides me through this dilema and also explain to me why a policy which is primarily designed for patients with heart ailments refuses to cover Coronary Artery disease of my mother who is suffering from Minor coronary ailment.

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10 May, 2023
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Hi sattapriyo,

Since your mother already has heart ailments since long, you've experienced that care insurance proposes to exclude it permanently.

Insurance contracts are undertaken to cover the risk of uncertain events and are basically pooling of resources to mitigate shared risks

If and when there is a high probability in the occurrence of an event, either the insurance company will not underwrite a contract or they will price it appropriately to cover for an almost certain claim.

you can explore cardiac care plan from star health, specifically for people with heart Conditions, though the issuance would again be subject to underwriting approvals.

I hope my explanation gives you the right perspective.

My best wishes to you.


Rana Sahib


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