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Health insurance for old age mother

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22 Jun, 2021 by  Dipak Gandhi


I seek your advice for this :

The date of birth of my mother on Aadhar Card and PAN card is 1 Jan 1942 - so her age at

present is 79. Can you suggest a Group Health Insurance plan for her. I read it in one of your

answers that one can get a group health insurance plan at the age of 79 also. And if there is

one available, what would be the terms about pre-existing diseases. I have read it somewhere

that no pre-existing disease clause is applicable in case of group medical insurance - that is

pre-existing diseases are also admissible for claim. But I am not sure of this ! Will you please

advise me a plan

Thank you


Dipak R Gandhi

Health Insurance

1 Answer

23 Jun, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

Hi Dipak,

Group Insurance is customized for every requirement under an umbrella Master policy. The terms of group insurance are typically a function of the group size & expectations of group members. The high end features like coverage of PEDs from day 1, waiver of other waiting periods, no room rent limit, no co-pay in your group health policy come at a high price. If group members and/or the group administrator (whoever is bearing the cost) want to reduce the cost of insurance, it is done by introducing some of the above limiting factors in your group policy.

Group Insurance is most commonly available through your Employer & Banks. Other associations like Resident Welfare Associations, members of a Club, Professionals’ associations like Indian Dental Association, etc can also take a Group Insurance for their members.

You should check with your employer if you work somewhere or with your mother’s Banker if she has an active bank account. Another option coud be to check with new age fintech players like Paytm, Phonepe, etc. They also provide some insurance cover to their members upon opening an account & doing a minimum no of transactions in a time period.

Hope this gives you some direction. Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

Asad Akbar

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23 Jun, 2021
Dipak Gandhi
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