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Health Insurance for Parents above 65 years

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05 Jun, 2021 by  Sourabh Manna

My father is 65 years old and mother is 63 years old. As father is retired Govt officer, he is covered under CGHS. But as CGHS coverage for major expenses is time-consuming and not always cashless, I was planning to buy a Super top-up Health insurance for them. Request to help in following queries

Can someone explain how deductible is calculated?

Which company has smooth process? I'm using HDFC Ergo for past 7 years but never used it.

Is Sec 80D tax benefit available in Super Top up?


1 Answer

07 Jun, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear sourabh

You have three questions , answers sre given below :

1. Deductible is the amount for which you will not put any claim with company . Let us say you have deductible of Rs 3 lakh then all claim upto Rs 3 lakh will not be entertained by the insurance company who has sold top up plan but company would settle any claim above Rs 3 lakh . For example if you have asuper top up with deductible of Rs 3 lakh and you have a claim of Rs 5 lakh then company would psy uou claim of Rs 2 lakh . You can either bear the cost of Rs 3 lakh or claim from any insurance company where you have base plan .

2. All companues sre professional and have smooth system . It is your chpice . I recommend company having direct managemdnt rather TPA .

3. Yes , super Top premium is under section 80 D .

Hope this suffice

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