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Health insurance for PED of diabetis and Epilepsy

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30 Apr, 2021 by  Vamshi Reddy

I am looking for a health insurance for my parents and my father having PED's - diabetis and History of Epilepsy. He is under medication for both.

Kindly suggest which insurer will cover this.

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2 Answer

01 May, 2021

Don't know about epilepsy but for diabetes HDFC ERGO Optima Energy is best one. The premium is high but they cover diabetes & hypertension from day 1.

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04 May, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

I feel it will be tough to insure your father under a retail plan. Insurers typically don’t admit people with 2 or more adverse medical conditions. The pursuit becomes tougher if your father is 60 plus. I have personally seen, many times over the past 10 years, insurance applications of epilepsy patients being out rightly declined by Insurers.

Having said the above, please explore it once with PSU Insurers i.e. New India, United India, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance. The PSUs work in a decentralized fashion & their underwriting is done at the Branch level. One of them might insure your father with permanent or time bound exclusion of epilepsy & other pre-existing medical conditions. It would be worth your time.

Employer provided Group Health Insurance can also be a good option for insurance of your parents. GHI policies normally cover all pre-existing medical conditions from day 1. If you work somewhere & your company runs a Group Health Insurance scheme for employees, explore the option of insuring your parents by talking to your HR Manager. 

Keep us updated. It would be good to know the outcome for the benefit of other community members.


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