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Health Insurance for person with Glaucoma

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26 Dec, 2022 by  Ashok Kumar


I got diagnosed with Glaucoma in one eye 2 years ago and have been taking eye drops daily. I applied for Acko Platinum and HDFC Ergo Optima Secure health insurances and both of them got rejected, wanted to check which insurance provider extended health insurance for a person with Glaucoma. If no such provider exists at the moment, what measures does anyone suggest to safeguard against large medical bills in future.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Location: Bangalore

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

16 Jan, 2023

Hello Ashok,

Apologies for the delayed response! People having Glaucoma as a pre-existing condition may find it quite difficult to get any insurance policy in the market. You may have to keep applying to multiple insurance companies and see if any insurer accepts your proposal.

I would also suggest you get in touch with one of our top advisors. They would be able to help you figure out the best possible way forward.


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