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Health insurance for senior citizen mild diabetes with no Hospitalization ever

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26 Aug, 2022 by  Vineet Dhar

Hi Beshak Team,

I am looking for a cover for my parents (Aged 64, Aged 59) where one has a slight Type 2 diabetes with no reported hospitalization and no other illness or chronic condition.

Could you kind me on a comprehensive health cover which has the following

  1. No copay
  2. Very less loading
  3. Preferable constant premiums
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Health Insurance

2 Answer

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Options reduce drastically over the age of 65, with your parents being below it & having diabetes type 2 there still are few good options within pvt health insurance companies, pls schedule a call through which you can get a unbiased trumatch report with personal recommendations - that will also weigh the options like Age, Gender, previous medical history etc to arrive at the best policy.

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26 Aug, 2022
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Hi Vineet,

Your parents can be covered in various policies which cover such pre existing conditions, however

All the conditions that you are looking for, cannot be guaranteed and are subject to underwriter approval.

Premiums are subject to change either annually or in a block of 3/5 years as per internal policies of different insurance companies

Even a fully fit person can not be guaranteed constant premium , because unlike life insurance, health insurance policies are a contract of indemnity, where by the insurance company guarantees under the respective terms n conditions of mediclaim policies, to cover your medical treatment expenses upto a maximum of actual outgo, either in cashless or reimburse process.

So by inherent the nature of product, health insurance premiums are allowed to be adjusted on a periodic basis as per the claim experience n medical inflation, to offset their aggregate outgo.

Hope this explanation helps.

For more personalized support on actual plan selection and quantum of sum assured, you can opt for 1- on-1 free consultation on the beshak portal Home page.

Best wishes

Rana Sahib.

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