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Health insurance for stroke survivor

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06 Nov, 2022 by  Hiren Joshi

Hi Team,

My father (age 58) and my father-in-law (age 72) are survivors of stroke. Though it was an infarct and not a hemorrhage, the treatment was managed conservatively without any surgeries. Currently, both of them are on regular medicine and shall be on it for their lifetime. Current insurance coverage is 5 Lakhs for each of them. I would like to know that given the above medical condition, is there any way we can get a super-top-up (or even a fresh policy) with SI of around 20 Lakhs? Kindly advise.

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1 Answer

06 Nov, 2022
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Yes, it is possible to get a super top-up. You'll need to shortlist the plans and then keep applying for one by one. Faher-in-law will only be eligible for couple of plans because his age > 65y.

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