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Health insurance from Max Bupa

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18 Mar, 2021 by  Ankur Lakhia


I am looking for buying health insurance policy (Family floater) from Max Bupa with sum assured of 50 lacs. However, there are multiple choices available in Max Bupa, namely - ReAssure, Health companion & Health Premia. Within Health Premia product, they are offering Gold plan & Platinum plan (with higher sum assured of 1 Cr). I am at loss on how to select the product which is optimum and which covers the most needs. (I am 53 & my wife is 49 year old. Two kids are 15 & 21 years old. Wife is on regular medication for Diabetes & Thyroid. I am told there will be some loading on premium because of Wife's PED but policy will get through.) Please guide.


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14 Apr, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Mr. Lakhia,

First of all, we would like to apologize for missing a response here.  We are working internally to ensure this does not happen ever again!

Choosing between these policies is like choosing car models - One is an old steady model with traditional benefits - Companion, Reassure is a relatively new plan with all new jazzy benefits, and Premia is the top-end model with the best, most comprehensive benefits possible in a plan. It entirely depends on you - what kind of a cover you are looking for, sir.


As mentioned, the best plan in these plans looks like - Health Premia - is a comprehensive, premium plan - It covers international coverage (excluding USA/Canada), Emergency Assistance services, Laser surgeries, Bariatric surgeries, Mental disorder treatment, select OPD Benefits, eConsultations, maternity, vaccination, new born baby covers - some of these are after an initial waiting period. The premium of this plan however will be a minimum 2X of the premium of Health Companion.


If we were confused, and in your place - we would go mid-way and choose Reassure. It has all the latest benefits available in other latest best selling products in the market - and the price is also fair compared to other players with similar products (It should be around 50% higher price than Companion, which is a relatively old plain vanilla plan - with out dated benefits)



Team Beshak

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15 Apr, 2021
Ankur Lakhia
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