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Health insurance in India for NRIs

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31 Dec, 2020 by  Avinash Sonee


Please suggest if it is possible to take Health insurance in India for NRIs.

Self - Indian Citizen, currently living in the USA; visit India once or twice every year.

Spouse - Indian Citizen, currently living in India

2 Kids - US Citizens, currently living in India

Enquired with Star Health and they said that the policy can be taken only for self and spouse. Kids cannot be included in the plan unless they have any Indian ID proof.

Do any other company offer a policy for entire family?

Thank you.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Jan, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Avinash,

This is a very good question, problem.

Most of the insurer's underwriting policy would not cover US Citizens. So the experience will be most likely similar to Star Health for other insurers too.

From my past experience, if you are able to establish that the children will be living, residing in India only going forward - a few insurers may make an exception.

Also, explore group covers through employers or banks.

If this does not work, the children will have to insured under "Visitors Insurance" available on various (US-based) online portals.



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