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Health Insurance options for my mother

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12 Jun, 2022 by  Clinton Baptista

I have had a 5L Individual Health policy for my mother and myself with United Assurance for the past 7 years and we haven't made a single claim. Post COVID, I had the chance to revewi the policy only to find out about sublimits and other restrcitions in the policy and have decided to check if private pproviders like HDFC Ergo and Max/Niva (which have no major restrictions) would offer us an insurance policy. I have narrowed it down to more economical my Health Suraksha plan of 5L each and a Super Top Up of 15L. If this works out, I honestly don't mind going with a 10L base plan as well. With my mother having Hypertension and Cholesterol for the past two years, will I be able to purchase this plan for my mother if not myself? The HDFC Energy plan is way too expensive. Alternatively, my options are Niva Reassure (the cheaper cousin of HDFC Restore). Kindly advise

Health Insurance

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13 Jun, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Clinton,

It is great that you have been able to shortlist plans and understood limitation of your earlier policy. It would be best if you could schedule a call with one of the advisor of your choice and then understand the plan details. Since you would a credible advisor by your side you will also get assistance in claim servicing.

In personal finance a generic advice won't help that you would be able to from many online platforms. Let the advisor and yourself understand need and then evaluate plan options before finalizing one.


Rohit Dhingra

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