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Health insurance options for someone taking insulin (55+)

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23 Feb, 2021 by  Shubham Kumar

I am looking to buy a health insurance cover of ~20 lacs (10 base + 10 Super Top-Up) for one of my relatives. She will turn 56 on 7th March. She has the following PEDs —


1. Diabetes (Insulin)

2. Hypertension

3. Thyroid


She was also infected with Covid last August.


Is it true that most of the standard policies offered by major insurers won't accept her? If yes, what are my options then?


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Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Mar, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Shubham,

With multiple chronic diseases, this is a tricky case. You will face hurdles getting a policy for your relative for sure. There is no specific insurer who will take this case. You will have to be persistent and knock doors of multiple insurers with the medical papers of your relative - who knows an insurer may take a call and issue a policy maybe by applying some additional restrictions.

I would recommend you also try Star Diabetes Safe, which is especially for Diabetes patients - I am not sure whether they will approve the case looking at the co-morbidities, but you must give it a shot. Apart from this Care Freedom from Care Health Insurance can also be given a try. Lastly, an expensive option could be Aditya Birla Health Active.

Hope this helps.

PS: Need a favor: Since you are in the process of buying a policy - we have a request. We want to invite you to share your experience of buying your health insurance policy here in this forum - this will really help community members in the future with a similar problem learn from your experience. Simply reply to this thread when you have any updates. Would you?

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