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health insurance outside my companys health insurance

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05 Feb, 2021 by  Megha Vinish

Hi All,

I already have a company floater health insurance of 9 lac that covers myslef ,wife and mother.

Should i go for a extra health insurance outside this ??

If yes,Then which and how much should be the cover ??and which plan should i take up??

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1 Answer

05 Feb, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Megha Vinish,

There are primarily three reasons why you should have your own cover, outside your employer policy

  1. Your own health insurance will take care of your own and your family's healthcare needs when you do not have company health insurance. Between jobs, working in an early-stage startup that hasn't started providing a cover, and post-retirement.
  2. The best health insurance plans are available while you are young and healthy. It makes sense to buy this policy while you don't need it - and benefit on a lifetime of healthcare expenses rather than buy once it becomes tricky to get - once you/your family suffers from a disease (hard to predict). The best time to buy your own health insurance is now.
  3. Control over your family's healthcare needs: The health insurance policy is a financing mechanism to get you the best access to healthcare. You shouldn't depend on your employer to decide what kind of access you need. Your employer's goals to provide health insurance may not be always aligned with what you want to give your family.

How much cover and other questions will depend on your age, habits/lifestyle, health condition, the city you live in, etc. - Do provide us more details for us to guide you further. Note, we don't make brand recommendations yet. We will let you know the kind of plan you should look for.

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09 Feb, 2021
Megha Vinish
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11 Feb, 2021
Founder, Beshak
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