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Health insurance policy for family with or without super top up

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27 Feb, 2021 by  Megha Vinish

Hi Team,

I have two questions

1)I am planning to take a health insurance plan for myself (age 31) and my wife (age 28).

I have decided for hdfc ergo optima restore for a si of 10 lac.

Should i take a super top up with this or continue with the base cover as the SI will be restored once you exhaust it.

Kindly advice.

And also is the plan a good one.

2)There are other 1cr plans which have attractive premiums ,but i am in doubt if we should go with this as the premium might increase going ahead.

What do you suggest ,option 1 or option 2 ?

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27 Feb, 2021
Shubham Kumar

Regarding Question One —

It's not clear whether you are buying two individual policies with Sum Insured (SI) 10 lacs each or one floater policy with SI 10 lacs.

It is usually better to buy two individual policies over a single floater policy.

Super Top-Up is a very cheap way to safeguard yourself against the rising (and unpredictable) healthcare costs.

Assuming a medical inflation of 8% implies that medical costs double ~10 years. What costs 10 lacs today would need 20 lacs after 10 years and 40 lacs after 30 years.

Unlimited/ One-time reset benefits USUALLY have the following limitations—

1. The maximum liability of the insurer is only upto the SI.

2. You can't use the reset benefit for the same illness again.

Regarding Question two —

Given your age, 1 crore would be an ideal cover (aforementioned reasons) if you can afford it.

Your concerns regarding the premium are genuine.

As you age, the premiums would definitely rise. One always has an option to DOWNGRADE their cover in the future if they aren't able to afford the premium.

BUT, it gets really difficult to UPGRADE one's cover in the future. Insurers sometimes decline to bear the increased risk or charge a huge premium.


Having said that, I am not an expert. Please wait for 1this question to be picked up by an Expert before making any decision.


Also, could you please enumerate the names of the other 1 crore plans you mentioned about in the question?

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28 Feb, 2021
Shubham Kumar
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02 Mar, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Megha,

Q1: Should I take a super top-up with this or continue with the base cover as the SI will be restored once you exhaust it.

The Restore option in HDFC Ergo Optima Restore (and Max Bupa) right now is better than most other plans offering Restore benefit. It does not discriminate for claims made for the same illness when the sum insured exhausts. So you will be able to use your restore for the same illness that exhausted the sum insured. However, the limit per claim is equal to the sum assured, which means you won't be able to use more than your sum assured for a single claim at any point in time. Super Topup won't have any such restrictions, and the sum assured can be used for one claim or multiple claims in a year. (Read more about Super Top-up here)

Q2: Other 1cr plans have attractive premiums, but I doubt if we should go with this as the premium might increase going ahead.

You must read this article for a detailed answer: How is the 1 Crore health insurance cheaper than 25 lakh cover? (

I hope this helps.




PS: Need a favor: Since you are in the process of buying a policy - we have a request. We want to invite you to share your experience of buying your health insurance policy here in this forum - this will really help community members in the future with a similar problem learn from your experience. Simply reply to this thread when you have any updates. Would you?

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07 Mar, 2021
Megha Vinish
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13 Mar, 2021
Founder, Beshak

One thing is that i cant find super top up from hdfc ergo on policybazar. Plus there are no add ons like safe guard addons like you have in max bupa reassure.

  • If you want to buy it from Policybazaar only, you may have to call their call center - I am sure they will help you out with it.
  • You will have to make up your mind on the benefits you need first before you fix the insurance plan or insurance company.


Mahavir Chopra

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