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Health Insurance Query (Covid Claim)

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24 Apr, 2021 by  mehul

One of my friends Dad was admitted in the Hospital for covid treatment. Insurance Company is asking Covid Positive Report but he took on CT Scan Report and Got Admitted in the Hospital Directly. Even Hospital Authorities didn't ask for Covid Report. Please Provide the solution for it

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

24 Apr, 2021
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Mehul,

It may not be appropriate for me to comment on COVID status of the patient or to justify admission. From your message, I am not able to make out for what medical issues has your friend's father been admitted. Turning COVID positive alone is not the reason for admission. There has to be some severity, which the admitting doctor has to justify.

Assuming this one is admission of COVID-infected patient, then CT Scan is sufficient clinical proof for doctor to treat for COVID. I think your friend's dad just recently got admitted. Don't worry, doctors can write an explanation to admit the patient, that should help to process the case.

If however the claim is still denied, you can send me a followup here or write to me on, will try to help you guys out.

Anuj Jindal



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