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08 Dec, 2021 by  Vardhani Ratnala


My husband and I are covered through a 20Lakh health insurance plan from ICICI Lombard but we intend to buy a super top up of 70 or 80L, please suggest if we should buy the super top up from ICICI Lombard or any other good company?

Secondly, I keep reading on various forums that we also need to buy separate policies for 1) Accident cover 2) Critical illness 3) Disability 4) Cancer care - Are we supposed to buy four more policies apart from the above mentioned health insurance? If yes, then should we buy four different policies or is there any other way out?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

12 Dec, 2021

Hello Vardhani,

Hope you are doing well! To answer your question on Super Top-Ups, it is always recommended that you buy the Super Top-Up from the same insurance company and in the same month you purchased your base plan. It will make your claim settlement process quite seamless. We have written a detailed article on this explaining everything that can go wrong with Super Top-Ups. Sharing the link to that article with you for your ready reference -

To answer the second part of your question, a separate policy for Critical Illness, Cancer Care, Accidental Death, and Disability is always recommended one should have over their other insurance policies.

  1. Critical Illness Policy - We always suggest everyone buy a separate Critical Illness policy over your Health Insurance policy. It gives a lumpsum amount immediately to cater to those expenses which may not be covered by your Health Insurance. We have a detailed ebook on this. Attaching the link over here for your better understanding -
  2. Accidental Death and Disability Policy - Accidents are unforeseen, it can happen on-road as well as at home. Again, this policy is a must-have. Sharing another article with you to know more about this -
  3. Cancer Care - We suggest if cancer runs in your family history or anyone is a heavy smoker, you should consider buying a separate Cancer Care policy. Cancer is covered by the Critical Illness and Health Insurance policies as well, however, it may not be as comprehensive as a separate Cancer Care policy. Considering the booming cost of Cancer Treatments, it is always wise to buy a separate Cancer Care policy if one falls under the criteria defined above.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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