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Looking for Health insurance for my family

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23 Sep, 2020 by  Kapil Banga


I am looking for health insurance for family. I am 37 yrs old, wife 35 yrs, mother 63 and daughter 4 yrs. Ok with a different policy or no policy for mother as we can get her medical expenses met through our employer insurance also in case of need which has 5 lakh cover

Health Insurance

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23 Sep, 2020
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Kapil,

To suggest you the options, I would need to understand your requirement better. Could you please provide a few more details such as:

  • Current location of stay
  • What is your and your wife's occupation
  • As you said you have medical insurance from your employer. Any idea what is the room rent limit as per that policy, and whether there is copay applicable to claims for parents' treatment? No problem if you can't get that information.
  • Health history of members to be covered is crucial to check which plan will be suitable for their needs. Could you copy this URL and fill-in details for all the members -

With this information, I will be in a better position to suggest.

Anuj Jindal



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24 Sep, 2020
Founder, Beshak

Hello Kapil,

If you are looking for specific advice, then your questions require us to understand your requirements, preferences and medical history in detail, before we share our thoughts.

Meanwhile, here are our top level guidelines for buying health insurance for a young & health family that may help:

  1. Ensure you take a cover of at least Rs. 10 Lakhs per adult in your family. So in your case a cover of 20 - 25 Lakhs should be taken. You can opt for a family floater of 10 Lakhs and a Super Top-up cover of another 10-15 Lakhs.
  2. Since you are young, ensure there are no financial limits/caps in the policy that can impact you in the long term - especially room rent or any financial limits on specific treatments. Ensure there are no Copays.
  3. Other core covers you should check are Day Care (all day care should be covered), Organ Donor (without any limits), Domiciliary (At home) Hospitalization.
  4. A lucrative no claim bonus, restore benefits are added buffers are good to have.
  5. Check the hospital network of the insurance company - ensure that the 3-5 hospitals you are likely to use in the long run are covered.
  6. Ensure you have read and understood all the exclusions well. Here is an article that can help you understand the exclusions that people miss.
  7. Ensure you fill the proposal form diligently - mention all the medical history you can remember for all family members.

Do let us know if you have any further questions.


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