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Health Insurance top up when retired

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27 Apr, 2021 by  Rohit Singh

Hi Team, I am 35 and have decent health insurance given by my employer. I have been contemplating to buy Health insurance and would like to understand if i can buy a basic Arogya Sanjeevni insurance/any other insurance and then top it up for higher sum assured few years later when I retire or perhaps as i age 50 years?

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Health Insurance

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27 Apr, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Rohit

Insurance is a very funny product , you buy when you don't need it because when you need it you may not get it .

So plan it now , don't wait till 50 .

Group insurance is like rented property , would you employer keep you if you fall sick for long time or critically. No private employer is so benevolent .

You supplement your group insurance with 5 lakh base plus super top of 20 lakh . That is good enough and would cost you approx rs 20000 and after taking tax benefit of section 80 D , you are paying only 14000 .

So plan and execute .

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27 Apr, 2021
Viswanath S

Dear Rohit,

In my view, key reason to have a comprehensive personal Health Insurance policy to handle medical expenses in these scenarios.

  1. Most of us move to new company/employer (unless a Govt employee) as part of our career, and you can't be sure that you have will similar comprehensive Health Insurance policy with the new employer.
  2. If you plan to buy a new policy once you realize you don't have comprehensive HI policy, you will have two challenges
  3. specific illness and treatments will be covered after 24 months only ex - Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Osteoporosis, Tympanoplasty. (refer to any Health insurance policy wording for details)
  4. Waiting period of 24 months to 48 months for preexisting diseases.
  5. Also if you develop any serious health issues in meantime, getting a Health Insurance policy will be difficult and may face higher premiums or rejections based on health condition.

Considering these risks, its good to have personal HI policy with 5L Coverage and Super Top up of 20L ( 5 Lakh Deductible).



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