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Health Insurance- Treatment for Endometriosis ( May affect fertility)

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06 Mar, 2022 by  Anurag

Hi ! Just want to check what options in Insurance do I have for a possible Infertility treatment ? I have an existing health insurance plan of Star Health (Family Health Optima) which does include Assisted Reproductive Treatment for Sub Fertility (quoting exactly as written in policy doc). I might consider porting if there are better options .Date of renewal is 17.03.2022

Concerns that I have with Star Health are

  1. waiting period of 36 months from date of inception of policy for any infertility treatment....Since my date of inception is still have around 12 more months of waiting left...Might be an issue if the treatment needs to be started immediately
  2. Exclusions of surgery / procedures that enhance fertility like Tubal Occlusion, Bariatric Surgery, Diagnostic Laparoscopy with Ovarian Drilling and such other similar surgery / procedures 



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Health Insurance

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Infertility treatment is not covered in most of the health insurance only covers maternity benefit.

I suggest most of my clients don't use health insurance for maternity as there is waiting period and you have to pay high premium and coverage is also limited.

Connect with me and enhance your coverage we should be worried about major illness.

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