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Health Insurance under 80 D

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15 Jul, 2023 by  RAJKUMAR JOSEPH

Any recommendation for a health insurance for me and my wife under 80 D. Iam a salaried person and want to file the ITR also

Health Insurance

1 Answer

21 Jul, 2023

Hello Rajkumar,

There are plenty of health insurance plan options available today, which you can consider buying for yourself and your wife. Tax-saving, however, should not be the only reason for you to buy health insurance - in my opinion.

You can check out Beshak's free 1-to-1 consultation service, where you can get advice from curated financial advisors across the country - all powered by Beshak's unbiased analysis and research. You can discuss your requirements with an advisor of your choice, who will assist you in zeroing down on a plan that is most suitable for you and your wife. Here is the link for the same for your ready reference -

Thank you!

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