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Health insurance when reports are very adverse

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01 Oct, 2020 by  Banagiri Kasturi Rangan

I am 39 year old dragonized with Type 2 diabetes in December 2019. I have started taking medication and the HB1 levels are reducing and currently at 9.1. The level is very high. my physician has indicated the levels will be coming down within normal levels with the changes in lifestyle and medication. Now with this how can I get a Health insurance with the knowledge that PED waiting time would be 48 months? if not what should be my path?

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2 Answer

01 Oct, 2020

Hey Kasturi Rangan,

I will try to give you a solution. First, could you please help me with some details:

  1. What is your current location?
  2. Have you even been admitted to hospital in the past (for both minor and major diseases)?

My preliminary assessment is-

  • Given your age, you should not worry too much about the 4 year waiting period for PEDs because you have your entire life ahead of you.
  • You should think about health insurance not just for the existing medical conditions, but for other unknown unanticipated medical emergencies beyond this current problem. I am sure back in November 2019 you never imagined you would be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
  • There are insurance plans in the market which are available to customers with known history of diabetes. Once you share the information I have asked in above 2 questions, I will be able to share my recommendations.

Anuj Jindal



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01 Oct, 2020
Banagiri Kasturi Rangan
1. My current location is Bangalore 2. I have not been admitted to hospital in 32 years. I underwent hydrocele related surgery when I was 7 years. Last week I applied for Maxbupa Reassure family cover and my application got rejected. My spouse and child got covered
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01 Oct, 2020

Thanks Kasturi Rangan for your response.

Can you share the counter-offer letter from Max to

My suggestion is that try with PSU insurance companies - New India, National, United or Oriental. Let's see how that goes. I still feel you have a chance, but you may have to try several insurers before you get a plan. Don't lose hope, stay on track. Let's continue to study the proposal rejection letter if policy is not offered.

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